Manuel Vicente, Eduarda Leite-Gomes, and Salomé S. Pinho from the GlycanTrigger team at i3S – Instituto de Investigação e Inovação em Saúde has unveiled a groundbreaking opinion article titled “Glycome dynamics along T and B cell development: fundamental mechanisms and clinical applications” in the Trends of Immunology journal. This article marks a significant milestone in glycan research and its implications for immunology and clinical practice.

This publication delves into the intricate world of glycome dynamics and their pivotal role in the development of T and B cells. It explores the fundamental mechanisms underlying this process and, perhaps more significantly, the clinical applications that emerge from a deeper understanding of glycans in immunology.

The findings presented in this article hold promise for advancing our comprehension of immune system function, potentially leading to innovative approaches in healthcare and therapeutic interventions.

For more details, the full article can be accessed here: